In this section we present to you our QuaranTrainers from Malta! Different personalities, different styles of movement and one important mission: Stay Fit during COVID!

Karen Stoner

QuaranTrainer from Malta

Karen, 24, Physiotherapy student at the University of Malta. She is a dancer and in the last few years has started playing netball. Current President of the Malta Health Students’ Association, she constantly strives to promote public health, especially via exercise.  Someone who never stops taking on new challenges and tasks.  “Quarantrain is the perfect opportunity to motivate alike people and show that staying indoors does not need to affect keeping busy and active.”

Nicole Chircop

QuaranTrainer from Malta

Nicole, 23, Physiotherapy student at the University of Malta. Friends and family describe her as loud, competitive and constantly hungry. She is a dedicated karate practitioner who represents the JKA Maltese national team, and is an internationally qualified JKA Karate Instructor and Judge. As a quarantrainer she is encouraging her students to continue training and maintain fitness via online classes during this stay-at-home period.

Sophie Camilleri

QuaranTrainer from Malta

Sophie, 20, sporty, 3rd year Physiotherapy student at the University of Malta. She is also a waterpolo player and Hiphop/Modern Jazz dancer. In addition, Sophie enjoys watching and playing many different sports. She wishes to use her love for sports and physical activity to motivate and encourage people to be as active and healthy as possible, both physically and mentally, whilst staying indoors.

Daryl Azzopardi

QuaranTrainer from Malta

Daryl, 21, Physiotherapy student at the University of Malta. She is also an athlete playing both handball for women’s senior national team, and water polo.  She is the team manager of the Malta Handball Association’s administration team. She has always been known as ‘the sporty one’ getting herself involved in anything sport-related, on and off the field.

Bernard von Brockhoff

QuaranTrainer from Malta

Bernard, 24, Physiotherapy student at the University of Malta. He is a gym enthusiast, with a previous background in various sports. His interests include orthopaedics, geriatrics and sports injuries. As a quarantrainer, he encourages everyone to keep active and look towards healthy nutritious food during this time, particularly the older adults.

Kelly Fenech

QuaranTrainer from Malta

Kelly, 21, sports enthusiast. She is currently reading for a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Physiotherapy at the University of Malta. Kelly plays volleyball in the national league. In her free time she enjoys hiking along the Maltese coastline as well as climbing and abseiling. She is also a keen traveller and enjoys exploring different countries especially when on skis. She believes that whilst exercise is medicine, it is also a celebration of what the body can do.

John Xerri de Caro

QuaranTrainer from Malta

John: A passionate person always ‘punching above his weight’. Physiotherapist, educator, professional advocate and master level sportsman. Has a good habit of involvement in international matters. “I like to look for opportunities in difficulties. I guess that makes me an optimistic person.”

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