Meike Geurtsen


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Rarely gets out of bed with the wrong leg and always eager to get started. Meike is a Delta physiotherapy student at the HAN University of Applied Sciences and has a head full of ideas. Alongside of her study she plays the trumpet and works in a shoe store.

Samantha Meijer


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Sam is a Delta physiotherapy student at the HAN University of Applied Sciences and also a sports scientist. She only ever sits still so that she can motivate others to get more exercise. She loves challenges and, under the motto “problems only exist in order to create possibilities”, it’s not surprising that she is committed to Quarantrain.

Femke Waardenburg

Femke is a sociable, sporty Delta physiotherapy student at the HAN University of Applied Sciences. Besides studying and playing volleyball, she also enjoys her tasks as active member and committee chairperson of the student association. This experience helps her carry out various tasks within QuaranTrain.   

Jaap Miessen

Jaap is an enthusiastic, sporty, sociable Delta physiotherapy student at the HAN University of Applied Sciences. There can never be too many parties for Jaap. Besides being a student, he is active as a coach at the athletics club and organises events as a member of various committees. As QuaranTrainer, Jaap uses his enthusiasm to help make staying active at home a lot of fun.

Jan Wesseling

Jan can be a ball of enegry or serenity itself. He likes to stay active, but also has no problem relaxing when necessary. In his spare time, Jan enjoys basketball, fitness, music, Netflix, as well as hanging out and eating with friends and roommates. After seven yerars of secondary school and a gap year, Jan decided that Delta physiotherapy at the HAN University of Applied Sciences was the way to go for him. He’s still busy with that right now.

Karlijn Snoeijs

Karlijn is an outdoor sports instructor and active climber, who is also a Delta physiotherapy student at the HAN University of Applied Sciences during the week. One of our original QuaranTrainers, she uses her great enthusiasm in bringing people together for physical exercise.

Ruud Sanders

Ruud is our dancer from Rotterdam. Not just a dancer: he was educated at the Codarts University of Performing Arts and has work experience in Switzerland, Germany and The Netherlands. Ruud aims to help people have fun, whilst getting enough exercise, and also enjoying a healthy lifestyle. He believes that exercise is the route to becoming aware of yourself and your surroundings, a strong motto within the QuaranTrain team. 

Sil Groenveld

Besides being a Delta physiotherapy student at the HAN University of Applied Sciences, Sil is also a fanatical football player. She always gives everything in trying to win. She likes pushing her boundaries and constantly challeging herself. Our fanatical football player is ready to beat you in all the challenges!

Maria Nordheim Alme

I work as an associate professor at Western Norway University of Applied Sciences (HVL) in Norway where I run the physiology course for physiotherapists. Im getting more and more concerned about how we exclude groups of people in our society, and especially in health care and education. I hope to one day experience that we manage to appreciate all people’s resources better than we do today. I have a background from neuroscience and neuroimmunology, fields that will never stop fascinating me, there is so much we don’t understand! Now Im involved in development of health care profession education, especially  in relation to refugee health, and in projects around inclusive education and physical activity in the older population. I strongly believe that we need to open up and collaborate between professions and backgrounds to solve the problems and challenges we face today.  

Roger Kerry

Coordinator QuaranTrainMusic

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Roger is a physiotherapist and Associate Professor at the University of Nottingham in the UK and our first non-Dutch initiator!  As an ex-racing cyclist he maintains a passion for fitness and well-being. Roger is also a musician and has helped coordinate the QuaranTrainMusic project.

Wim Oerlemans

Wim is a physiotherapist and a teacher at the HAN University of Applied Sciences where he’s always searching for change and improvement in education. He is a teamplayer, someone who likes connecting and having people around him. He is always on the move and prefers to be outside. “Moving is super important if you want to stay healthy now and later in life. Try to discover what you can do, not what you can’t!

Ann Gates

Ann Gates MRPharmS is an Honorary Associate Professor in Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation at The University of Nottingham and an Honorary Visiting Professor at Plymouth Marjon University in Exercise and Health.

Ann qualified in 1983 as a clinical pharmacist (and continues to be a member of The Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain) and progressed into leadership, eventually becoming an NHS Director of Strategic Planning in a Mental Health Trust. In 2011 she set up an independent consultancy company called Exercise Works! and now specialises in strategy, health, exercise, education and medicine. 

Ann is a member of the World Heart Federation Salim Yusef Emerging Leaders Programme and continues to advocate and influence in the prevention and treatment of noncommunicable diseases and has a special interest in women’s health, equity and student leadership. Ann’s key skills are networking influence, implementation science and leadership. In 2018, as part of a commission from Public Health England, her work was recognised as a best practice exemplar by the WHO Europe reports on physical activity in health education. Please follow @exerciseworks for more information.


Joost van Wijchen


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Joost in a nutshell: chaos, creativity, ideas, learning and action! Joost is physiotherapist, teacher and founder/developer of HAN Delta-physiotherapy. He is an advocate for democrative learning. “Together and equal, carrying and supporting each other along the way” and “Exercise is living and living is exercise.  

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