In this Section of the English page, we present to you our QuaranTrainers from the University of Nottingham! Physiotherapy students, Post-graduate students and Teachers with different personalities, different styles of movement with one mission: Stay Fit during COVID!

Roger Kerry

QuaranTrainer and initiator from Nottingham, England

Roger is a physiotherapist and Associate Professor at the University of Nottingham in the UK and our first non-Dutch initiator!  As an ex-racing cyclist he maintains a passion for fitness and well-being. Roger is also a musician and has helped coordinate the QuaranTrainMusic project.

email me: quarantrainmusic@gmail.com or twitter me @rogerkerry1

Ann Gates

QuaranTrainer from and initiator from Nottingham, England

Ann Gates MRPharmS is an Honorary Associate Professor in Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation at The University of Nottingham and an Honorary Visiting Professor at Plymouth Marjon University in Exercise and Health.

Ann qualified in 1983 as a clinical pharmacist (and continues to be a member of The Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain) and progressed into leadership, eventually becoming an NHS Director of Strategic Planning in a Mental Health Trust. In 2011 she set up an independent consultancy company called Exercise Works! and now specialises in strategy, health, exercise, education and medicine. 

Ann is a member of the World Heart Federation Salim Yusef Emerging Leaders Programme and continues to advocate and influence in the prevention and treatment of noncommunicable diseases and has a special interest in women’s health, equity and student leadership. Ann’s key skills are networking influence, implementation science and leadership. In 2018, as part of a commission from Public Health England, her work was recognised as a best practice exemplar by the WHO Europe reports on physical activity in health education. Please follow @exerciseworks for more information.

Yifan Chen

QuaranTrainer from Nottingham, England

Yifan Chen is a physiotherapy student at the University of Nottingham. She is from China and would like to be an excellent physiotherapist. She loves singing, sports, traveling, and challenging herself constantly. During the period of COVID-19, she provides both traditional and popular Chinese exercise and advices in our website.

Meichen Chen

QuaranTrainer from Nottingham, England

I’m a physiotherapy student in Nottingham University in UK. I enjoy exercise and feel very energetic after sports. And I feel happy to motivate people to get moving!

‘Health is a major factor in happiness, exercise is an important guarantee of health’

Palasha Sardesai

QuaranTrainer from Nottingham, England

I am an MSc physiotherapy student at the University of Nottingham. I am a yoga practitioner, dancer, swimmer, and an avid traveller. I love to study fitness and different cultures. My passion is to be one of the top pelvic health physiotherapists. I love learning new things and want to be the best version of myself in healthcare.

Chloe Dodd

QuaranTrainer from Notthingham, England

I’m a first year student studying Sports Rehabilitation at the The University of Nottingham, UK. Alongside my studies I play netball regularly and enjoy strength training and cardio at the gym.  I work part-time at my local Sports Trust and coach netball voluntarily. I’m passionate about inclusive physical activity and ensuring people enjoy exercising. I’m a team player and proud to be part of the QuaranTrain initiative to promote physical and mental well-being internationally. 

Heather Wesson

QuaranTrainer from Nottingham, England

Heather is passionate about sport and being active and alongside her studying Physiotherapy at the University of Nottingham, regularly competes in both road and cross country running. She enjoys all forms of exercise and leading classes to support others with their fitness regime. In her spare time she enjoys catching up with friends, listening to music and walking in the countryside. 

Emily Hughes

QuaranTrainer from Nottingham, England

Karen, 24, Physiotherapy student at the University of Malta. She is a dancer and in the last few years has started playing netball. Current President of the Malta Health Students’ Association, she constantly strives to promote public health, especially via exercise.  Someone who never stops taking on new challenges and tasks.  “Quarantrain is the perfect opportunity to motivate alike people and show that staying indoors does not need to affect keeping busy and active.”

Nokuthula Zulu

QuaranTrainer from Nottingham, England

Nokuthula is a Physiotherapy student at the University of Nottingham. She is a coffee enthusiast and an outgoing, hardworking individual. She enjoys social exercise activities and believes that all experiences are better when they are shared. She hopes that QuaranTrain will help educate and empower people far and wide to enjoy and engage in physical activity producing lasting benefits.

Archie Burgess

QuaranTrainer from Nottingham, England

As a BASRaT (British Association of Sport Rehabilitators and Trainers) Sport Rehabilitation student at the University of Nottingham, and a qualified fitness instructor, sport and exercise rules his world. Whether it be watching, playing, or video games, he’s never far from the “beautiful game” that is Football. “With sports, and seemingly the whole world on pause, it’s easy to focus on the negatives. Focus on what is available, and how you can make staying home as physically and mentally engaging as possible!

Victoria McLoughlin

QuaranTrainer from Nottingham, England

I am a final year student studying physiotherapy at Nottingham University. I’d describe myself as enthusiastic, always ready for a new challenge and a great lover of animals. “Do something today your future self will thank you for” is my motivation to stay healthy and active and to encourage others to do the same – something that QuarainTrain helps people to do!

Laura Dales

QuaranTrainer from Nottingham, England

Laura is an active individual who loves the outdoors, sunshine and fitness. I am at the University of Nottingham in my final year as a sports rehabilitation student. I have always been interested in sports and getting people active which is why i decided to embark on the course.   

 I live by the phrase: “exercise is medicine”. I believe anyone can get active, fit and healthy. It does not matter how old you are all you need is to be enthusiastic and to give anything a go! Fitness and health has always been a passion to me and I know how hard it can be to keep motivation when you don’t have access to a gym so creating home workouts is a great place to start. 

Abigail Clark

QuaranTrainer from Nottingham, England

Abi, a second year physiotherapy student at the University of Nottingham. I’m a sporty person and until recently was a keen rower, now I just enjoy keeping fit and trying new sports out. I also enjoy socialising with friends, I am a member of the EMUOTC (East Midlands Univeristy Officer Trainging Corps) and I LOVE my dog!

Clare Cotton

QuaranTrainer from Nottingham, England

I’m Clare and I am a 2nd Year Physiotherapy Student at The University of Nottingham, I play Hockey & have a lot of passion for fitness and being outdoors & always have! I also love to socialise with my friends and family and enjoy travelling. I like the idea of promoting fitness to all and look forward to help with the QuaranTrain initiative!

Joshua Richardson

QuaranTrainer from Nottingham, England

Joshua is a Seventh Day Adventist and has a passion for compassion, such as helping people get more active and healthier. As a final year physiotherapy student at the University of Nottingham in England, Joshua has understood that “if you think you can do something, or you think you cannot, you will be right.” Separate to University Joshua loves being outside and playing sports, particularly Volleyball another one of his passions. 

Isaac Olivier

QuaranTrainer from Nottingham, England

Isaac is a 1st year Physiotherapy student at the University of Nottingham. Outside of his studies, he loves to practise gymnastics, football and play chess. He also runs an Instagram account where he offers free training advice and promotes inclusive physical activity.

Instagram me: @_isaacolivier 

Hui Wang

QuaranTrainer from Nottingham, England

Hui is a ball games fanatic and keen to outdoor activities. After two years of working at hospital in China, she decided to study as a physiotherapy student at University of Nottingham. She also enjoys her tasks as active member and shares ideas in all her volunteer activities,  As QuaranTrainer, Hui would try her best to help make staying active at home and do interesting indoor movements. 

Daisy Meffan

QuaranTrainer from Nottingham, England

Hi! I’m Daisy and I’m a physiotherapy student at Nottingham! I used to be a competitive swimmer and enjoy being part of a team. This year I ran a half marathon for the mental health charity mind which is such a brilliant charity and very current due to the effects the pandemic has had on everyone!  I’m really looking forward to being part of the QuaranTrain initiative and can’t wait to work with everyone.

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