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QuaranTrain is a complex project in its diverse aims of supporting good health and well-being, to promote collaborations between health care professions, to develop health care professions in a new situation and to create contact between student and staff at higher educational institutions.

From an educational perspective, such an initiative is very welcome. We struggle to create learning landscapes that can promote complexity and international collaboration and understanding. Many HEIs have high goals for increasing their degree of internationalisation for both students and staff, but few manages to meet these. It is widely accepted that there is a high value of achieving cultural understanding and get experience in communication across borders and in reaching out to someone not in your closest proximity.

In our roles as being staff at HEIs, we highly support this project and we believe it will be as relevant also when our societies recover after covid-19.

Do you want to discuss how to implement this project into programs at your educational institution or maybe just come into contact with other staff and students who are involved in the project, take contact either via social media, directly to any of the persons involved or write to

QuaranTrain: An international community of practice for learning

Authors: Joost van Wijchen, Roger Kerry, Maria Nordheim Alme


The Covid-19 pandemic presented challenges for students and teachers to engage and create good learning environments. In this situation, new opportunities for learners and teachers to engage and learn have evolved. Historically, communities of practices have been developed and used to help solve complex and dynamic challenges in society. The idea is that people get an opportunity to work together to solve a specific challenge or task. Here we present a pedagogical community of practice (CoP), QuaranTrain, where students from different countries have developed a platform for co-creation and sharing material and strategies for better health during a period with social distancing. This student-led and self-organised CoP have created a framework for learning that our health care educations can be inspired by and use in their programs. We conclude that out of this challenging situation, new and creative ways of learning emerged, which can enrich and develop health care education.


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