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QuaranTrain is an online platform from (upcoming) healthcare professionals with the purpose to stimulate physical activity and stay connected with each other, even during quarantine. It all started at te beginning of the COVID19 pandemic and we still feel the need to support an active lifestyle.


‘You can’t go wrong getting isolation strong’

By Adam Meakins, a Specialist Physiotherapist, as well as a qualified Strength & Conditioning Specialist in both the NHS and private practice in England. Also known as ‘The Sports Physio’. The COVID19 virus is currently sweeping across the globe and battering the hell out of the human population. Some unfortunately become severely ill and die, some are left with…

Training Motivation: How to Stay Focused in The Face of COVID-19

Article by Dr. Jane Walsh, Health Psychologist NUI Galway. In the midst of the current coronavirus pandemic, we have witnessed the temporary annihilation of the global sporting events calendar. Not only have many of our target races or competitions been cancelled, we have suffered the loss of most of our social training activities and a…

Baduanjin qigong

What is Baduanjin? If the meridian is not smooth, there are many diseases. How to open the meridians and full of energy? Traditional Chinese medicine takes qi and blood as its core and qi as its root, so Baduanjin Qigong came into being. Baduanjin Qigong requires no equipment, is not limited by the venue and…

What We Do
Promoting healthy habits.
Providing you with online support and information on exercise and everyday activities. we believe some is good, more is better.

“If not us, then who – and if not now, then when” 

Martin Ongwen (@Kenyanphysio).

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